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Managing more than £47 billion* for our clients, Rathbone Investment Management is one of the leading investment managers in the UK. Our charities team have £5.7billion* in funds under management for more than 1,200 charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Half of our specialist charity team of 18 dedicated investment managers are charity trustees, underlining a personal as well as a professional commitment to the sector. We build our service around your charity’s priorities. The diversity of the charities we work with shows our ability to meet individual requirements.

Many of the charities we work with have long histories and we feel a responsibility to make sure you can continue to support those who depend on you. To help your charity have a successful future, we aim to achieve consistent returns for you over the long term. Our patient, risk-based approach is designed to protect and grow capital. We work hard to meet growth and income expectations year after year without increasing risk by chasing returns.

Combined with our own longevity as a business, this prudent way of managing money gives confidence to those we work with. They feel secure about making long-term plans and setting long-range targets — over decades in some cases — for us to achieve. We are much more than an investment provider. We want to do everything we can to support the work that you do.

Rathbones has been in business since 1742. Looking forward has carried us and our clients safely through many eras. We continue to move with the times, blending new ideas and the latest technology with our long-standing investment experience and constant values.
*As at 30 September 2018

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