Charity Awards 2024

Did you know?

Facts about The Charity Awards

Over 4000 guest places

Civil Society Media has given over 4000 free places at the awards ceremonies, valued at almost £900,000, many to the smaller charities nominated for an Award. How many other awards give back this much and has the sector truly ingrained in the ethos of the organisation?

Over 180 awards

Over 180 Awards have been given out since 2000 with hundreds more receiving a Highly Commended for their outstanding impacts.

Over 3000 hours

Our judges have spent over 3000 hours of their time voluntarily ensuring our Awards are strict and rigorous with measurement and impact clearly defined and evidenced.

Over 200 partners

Over 200 Corporate partners have helped us over the years, sponsoring Awards and tables in order to contribute to the drive for excellence and professionalism right across the sector.

Long-lasting benefit

Our Awards winners achieve long-lasting benefit from their win, with greater support coming from donors, trusts, foundations and politicians as a result of the publicity with staff motivation and morale being given a big boost too!