Charity Awards 2024

How to win

The awards have been designed so that any charity – regardless of their size, location or cause – can enter their project and be in with a chance of winning.

The application process

The application process requires charities to extensively evaluate their impact. The Hallmarks of Excellence are used to assess the range of attributes a charity must be able to demonstrate if it is to win an award, they include:


So what makes an award winner? We look, among other things, for projects that the sector could learn from. We want to find people who follow best practice, and do what ought to have been done very well, and we want to find those who are pushing the boundaries and discovering new ways of tackling the problems facing the sector. We want to see replicability, scalability, and lessons for others. And we wanted to see value for money for the beneficiary at the heart of it all.

Andrew Hind, former chair of the judges

In Conversation with David Ainsworth

How to win a Charity Award

Winning an award is one way for a charity to really boost its profile and gain credibility. It’s a tool that you can use in fundraising and other communications, to tell your potential supporters that your charity is delivering results. So how do you go about winning one? David Ainsworth, Group Online Editor and editorial lead of the Charity Awards shares his advice.

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Meet the judges

Meet the judges

Read about our independent judging made up of sector leaders as well as the judging process.

Demonstrate excellence

Demonstrate excellence

Read about 2017's overall award winner, the Clink Charity to help you understand what our judges are looking for.