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Museum of London Archaeology

Mapping Britain’s coastal heritage

MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) set up its Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network (CITiZAN) campaign to learn more about the thousands of archaeological sites that do not have any statutory protection and are threatened by climate change and coastal erosion. 

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CITiZAN app recording hulked vessels in Devon

The model was based on the successful Thames Discovery Programme community archaeology project and received a Heritage Lottery Fund award of over £1.5m for a three-year delivery of the programme.

The project is now coming to the end of its funding agreement and has seen huge success, having delivered hundreds of events, walks, talks and training programmes. It has helped worked with thousands of trained citizen scientists and taken a leading role in popular Channel4 programme ‘Britain at Low Tide’.

During the lifetime of the project, over 82,000 archaeological features have been identified, from prehistoric trackways and mammoth tusks to WWII pillboxes, as well as wrecks and hulks from every age of seafaring. In total, CITiZAN worked with over 40 community groups across over 30 local authorities and a number of Statutory Harbour Authorities.

MOLA is now working with Historic England to preserve archaeological resources, and with climate change charities to highlight the impact that global warming is having on the British coastline. It is also providing a resource for academics to learn more about the UK’s coastal history, and is working with coastal communities to help their people preserve more of the vital heritage they have uncovered.

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